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Christmas for kids in SAMP

Christmas in SAMP

Last Saturday, November 25th, it was an entire afternoon filled with the magic and wonder of Christmas. It was a special day for the SAMP employees’ children, to whom a tailor-made event was dedicated. In the manufacturing plant of Bentivoglio (Bologna) a series of attractions, games, workshops and shows were created especially for them.

The event received a warm and enthusiastic welcome by the 300 people who attended. The youngest children had a great time hopping from one attraction to the other and were, of course, utterly fascinated by the presence of the real Santa Claus, who came together with his polar igloo, reindeers and good elves. Special creative workshops and a magic show were dedicated to kids and teenagers. A variety of children’s favourite treats were served, like pop-corn, candyfloss and a chocolate fondue fountain, which increased the general feeling of amazement and wonder.

Before going home, all children received a small present by SAMP. We hope that the evening spent together will leave a sweet memory among children and that Xmas 4 Kids will be the first of a long series of company events dedicated to our employees and their families.

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Contamination Lab UnivPM visits SAMP

Contamination Lab and SAMP

On 25th May, 2016 a delegation of students members of the Contamination Lab of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, UnivPM, visited our plant in Bentivoglio (BO), Italy. The group was composed of students of different degrees (Bachelor, Master and Phd) and coming from different faculties, including medicine, history, economics and engineering. The contamination Lab is a project run by the UnivPM aiming to promote entrepreneurship among students of different subjects and between the academic and the socio-economic environment. Through this program, students (both graduate and undergraduate) live in a challenging environment, meet skilled managers, see different realities and approaches. These interdisciplinary experiences help them develop innovative projects by expanding their views.

Inside this frame, we had the pleasure to spend one afternoon with these students, showing them the complex and challenging reality of the SAMP Group. Massimo Maccaferri, president of the Maccaferri Industrial Group and Eridania, welcomed the students briefing them about the Maccaferri Industrial Group and its core businesses. Thereafter, the project managers of the four companies (Sampsistemi, Samputensili Machine Tools, Samputensili Cutting Tools and Sampingranaggi), Giorgio Puggioli, Enrico Conte, Carlo Iurisci and Alessandro Trambaioli, presented the business sectors, applications and solutions of each company and guided the students through an interesting plant tour.  

SAMP believes in the importance of contamination and entrepreneurship and in a tight relation between the academic and business world since early stages. We take this opportunity to thank all students for their time and the interest shown in our company and wish them a wonderful future career in any sector they are going to pursue.

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SAMP Sampsistemi Cortinovis do Brasil and Euro Extrusion

Sampsistemi acquires Cortinovis do Brazil and EuroExtrusion. These two strategic acquisitions give the opportunity to Sampsistemi to definitely enter the rotation machine industry and strengthen itself in the extrusion one.

Moreover, the 2016 marks an important turning point as the 3 existing divisions are splitted into 4 independent companies under the SAMP Group umbrella: Sampsistemi Srl, Sampingranaggi srl, Samputensili Machine Tools Srl, Samputensili Cutting Tools Srl.


gear dry grinding samputensili

The partnership between Samputensili and Star Cutter is extended to the Chinese market through the creation of Star SU China. Moreover, a new revolutionary product, the SG 160 SKYGRIND, is first launched in the market as the first dry gear grinding machine ever.


Star SU do Brasil 2014

In 2014, the joint-venture between Samputensili and Star Cutter is reinforced extending the cooperation to South America through the creation of Star SU do Brasil.


SAMP China 2012 Sampsistemi Sampingranaggi

Sampsistemi and Sampingranaggi celebrate the opening of their new plants in Shanghai.


2009 SAMP HQ Sampsistemi Sampingranaggi Samputensili

Another important change happens in 2009 when the new Italian SAMP plant in Bentivoglio (BO) is opened to become the worldwide technology centre of the Group. From now on all the Italian production is carried out in the same plant.


SAMP SpA 2006

The 2006 marks an important milestone in the history of our companies: Sampsistemi, Sampingranaggi and Samputensili merge to form SAMP S.p.A., returning to its roots as divisions of the SAMP group.


Samputensili China 2005

The 2005 is the time of Samputensili to open its door to China establishing a new company Samputensili (Shanghai) Machine Tools Company Limited.


Sampsistemi China 2004

In 2004, Sampsistemi strongly strengthens its presence in China. From now on, Sampsistemi Shanghai offers not only the service centre but is also able to offer machine and components, engineering of the BM2x630D dual double twist bunching machine and delivery of the first  48 wire drawing machine.