Author: Arianna Donti


2003 Samputensili Sampsistemi

The 2003 is a year marked by innovation in both companies. In fact, Samputensili develops the 250 generating grinding machine, while, Sampsistemi develops and patents extrusion lines, tandemised with the SZ process for flexible conductors.


2002 Star SU

Samputensili and Star Cutter Inc., MI/USA join forces to form Star SU LLC in North America, later acquiring the Fellows Gear Shaper Cutter Division. Moreover, it introduces the new combined hobbing-chamfering/deburring machine series CDM. Alongside, Sampsistemi introduces the SAMP-0-SCRAP quick color change system for auto wire extrusion lines.


2000 diversificazione SAMP

The new century starts with the consolidation of the preexisting products, diversification and developing of new technologies. Sampsistemi engineers the first 4-wire rod breakdown machine and develops the BM 2x315D double twist bunching machine and a new Service Centre in Shanghai opens. Whereas, Samputensili Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH completes the product line with gear hobbing machines.


1998 S.A.M.P.

SAMP (S.A.M.P.) delivers the first extrusion line for physical expansion telecom cables and develops the first automatic precision respoolers for welding wire and delivery of the first 40 wire drawing line. In the same year, S.A.M.P. rebrands itself Sampsistemi.


1997 S.A.M.P.

Thanks to the strategic acquisition of the De Angeli, S.A.M.P. enters the extrusion market with a solid technical expertise, becoming in few years a market leader.


1995 Samputensili

In 1995, also Samputensili starts its Far East expansion opening the Korean subsidiary in Kyungki-do, Seoul, which helps the Japanese one serve the automotive demand of efficient gears and tools.


1992 S.A.M.P.

SAMP (S.A.M.P.), which has consolidated its presence in the wire drawing industry making itself one of the market leaders, starts its diversification embarking on the bunching machine market.


1991 Samputensili Japan

The 1991 markes the year of the Far East expansion with the foundation of Samputensili Japan. The commercial office has the task to serve the Far East market, which starts to open to the West after a long time.


1988 Samputensili USA

Geographical expansion continues and in 1988, Samputensili opens another subsidiary in Oak Park, Detroit, USA. In the same year, Samputensili also manufactures the first gear grinding machine.