Author: Arianna Donti


19825 SAMP

Innovation has been always a core value for Samputensili, which has never stopped to research and implemented new technologies. In 1982 Samputensili develops the first PVD coating system


1977 Samputensili

Samputensili enters the shaving cutter machines industry and starts focusing on the cutting gear finishing operations which removes small amounts of stock material from the teeth gear surfaces. These new kind of machines enables to improve tooth surface finishing.


1976 S.A.M.P.

In 1976 SAMP (S.A.M.P.) acquires Mc Draw in Williamsport MD/USA, later to become SAMP USA. Through its American subsidiary, S.A.M.P. is able to strengthen its presence in North America offering competitive solutions to this market.


1975 Samputensili

In 1975, Samputensili enters the chamfering and deburring machinery market. Its chamfering and deburring machines satisfy the general request for quieter and faster speed gears, which significantly increase in those years.


1974 Samputensili

The 70s are extremely important for Samputensili’s worldwide expansion. In 1974 the company establishes its first subsidiary and production facility Samputensili do Brasil in Jundai (Sao Paulo), Brazil. Through which the South and Latin American markets are analyzed and served. In the same year, Samputensili crosses the Alps for the second time opening a new subsidiary and manufacturing plant: Samputensili France.



The second spin off of SAMP, Sampingranaggi, comes into being in 1973, extending the company’s gear production programme to include bevel gears sets and high precision speed reducers. Before long Sampingranaggi is therefore able to supply both single components and finished speed reducers.