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Decree of Transfer of Sampingranaggi


Bologna, June 8, 2021

In light of the auction during which Sampingranaggi was awarded to Bonfiglioli S.p.A. – world leader in design, production and distribution of a full range of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters – SAMP S.p.A. informs that on May 11, 2021 the court of Bologna issued the transfer decree of Sampingranaggi and SAMP Machinery Shanghai to the new ownership, under the guidance of Sonia Bonfiglioli.

The acquisition includes the assets of the Italian and Chinese Sampingranaggi companies (Bentivoglio, Funo di Argelato and Shanghai), their warehouses, the Sampingranaggi brand, patents, designs and products for robotics, as well as all their staff.

The President of SAMP, Antonio Maccaferri, comments: “It’s a great pleasure to communicate the achievement of this important result.

This is the outcome of a long path, undertaken in 2019, which aimed to ensure the continuity of a significant international industrial company that has always been strongly rooted in the territory, the comprehensive safeguard of employment levels as well as the protection and enhancement of know-how.

I wish to sincerely thank all the staff of Sampingranaggi and all the Bonfiglioli team who have believed in this project with us and whose commitment and ongoing work have contributed to the achievement of this important result able to grant continuity to an industrial high-value Italian company.”

Decree of Transfer of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC


Bologna, April 21, 2021

As a result of the auction occurred on February 3rd, 2021 in which Samputensili Machine Tools Srl was awarded to the EMAG Group, world-leading company in the manufacturing of a wide range of machine tools like lathes, machining centers, gear cutting, grinding, laser welding and automations systems, SAMP S.p.A. informs that on March, 30th, 2021 the Court of Bologna issued the transfer decree of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC. The two companies will be legally integrated into the new technology company, EMAG SU Srl, controlled by EMAG Milano Srl.

The President of SAMP, Antonio Maccaferri, comments: “This is the result of a long path undertaken in 2019 when the SAMP Group entered in the “Concordato” procedure and it constitutes the evolution of a project aiming to ensure the continuity of a significant international industrial company that has always been strongly rooted in the territory, the comprehensive safeguard of employment levels as well as the protection and enhancement of know-how.

I wish to sincerely thank all the staff from SUMT and SUCLC and all those who have believed with us in this project and whose commitment and ongoing work have contributed to the achievement of this important result.”

The CEO of Samputensili Machine Tools, Enrico Landi, comments: “It’s a great pleasure to announce the start of this project. Very important synergies will be implemented among one of the biggest group in the international machine tool sector, like EMAG, and two highly specialized companies in the sector of gears and rotors, like Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC. The project ensures continuity to a valuable Italian industrial company and consists in the creation of a reference technological center, bringing a strong contribution to complete the EMAG product range offered on the market”.

SAMP Group Online Training

SAMP Group Online Training

Unfortunately, as we all know, the pandemic caused by the now well-known Covid-19 has forced most of the Italian companies to an unavoidable stop period in order to protect their employees’ health.

Even though many company activities still have been carried out thanks to the smart working, our SAMP Group has decided to activate several online training courses for its employees.

Of course, to guarantee equal opportunities for all and then embracing the widest possible number of employees, the courses have been organized in order to allow everyone join them, even the ones who do not have corporate computer equipment.

Aware that some of the employees are completely lacking in computer equipment, the SAMP Group is already planning to give the lessons physically in our plant. In fact, when all the employees are all back to their place of work, these courses will be held in our meeting rooms not to leave anyone behind and to guarantee everyone the same training path.

At the moment, the running courses embrace various topics to meet the different employees training needs depending on the company they belong to.

The two main courses active in these days are the one on “Discipline of the Employment Relationship” dedicated to all the SAMP Group employees and the more technical one “Master Samputensili on the Machining of Gear Teeth” dedicated to the Samputensili Cutting Tools and Sampingranaggi employees.

The first one has been so far attended by 33 employees for a total of 100 training hours carried out and the second one has been so far attended by 24 employees for a total of 240 training hours carried out.

We are glad to say this initiative has been positively welcomed by our employees who are enthusiastically attending the courses since the very beginning.

This is the reason why we have decided to keep the training courses active even when there will finally be a return to normality, and we’ll return to a regular company attendance.

New SAMP Welfare Project


The need for a work-life balance has grown in recent years, as SAMP Group, we are glad to announce the new Welfare Project to which all the employees of the Italian branches will be able to benefit.

The SAMP Welfare Project, which will enter in force starting from July 2019, will offer to our Italian employees a flexible benefit set. The benefits included are both those foreseen by the CCNL for the Italian Mechanical Agreement and the those of the SAMP Internal Agreement signed on June 2018.

An ad hoc digital platform has been developed in order to make easier access and quicker the management of the benefits by employees.  Inside this platform, employees will find a broad range of goods and services that include all possibilities granted by the Italian Tax Legislation: from reimbursement of educational expenses to those of health costs, up to travel, gyms and much more.

Each worker will be able to create its own basket, choosing from time to time the services and goods according to its needs, up to the exhaustion of the credit.

At the same time, SAMP has also decided to activate a discount platform that represents the first step of a wider work-life balance program. Starting from the coming months our company will implement a series of initiatives with the aim of improving the life-work relationship of its employees.

During the past weeks, all workers have been trained on the platform touching closely the range of advantages that they will benefit stating form summer 2019.

The SAMP Group believes the adoption of initiatives on this scale is a valuable step forward a 360° company life approach from every single employee.



BI-REX (Big Data Innovation & Research EXcellence), the first Industry 4.0 Competence Centre, was born yesterday in Bologna.

This consortium, led by the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, gathers in privat-public partnership fifty-seven actors such as Universities, Research Centres and Companies.

Among the five involved Universities (University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, University of Ferrara, Modena Reggio-Emilia e Parma), the one of Bologna had a major role, inasmuch as it led the proposal presentation, the negotiation and then the centre construction.

The negotiation with the Ministry of Economic Development ended in just five months allowing the BI-REX to become the first Italian competence centre to start, among the selected eight.

The centre is composed by 45 companies belonging to different sectors such as mechatronics, services, finance, ICT, biomedical, agri-food, energy, environment and automotive. It is a pleasure to announce that the SAMP Group is part of it. This is a further demonstration that innovation is one of our core value.

The BI-REX Competence Centre will provide Italian companies, especially SME, with assistance in choosing the best enabling technology, in primis industrial big data, cyber security, additive manufacture, robotics, Industry 4.0 training, the innovation project start up, and industrial research as well as experimental development.

The partner companies will be committed to directly finance and to realize new industrial products and processes through the development and the adoption of the Industry 4.0 advanced technologies.

Also, the Emilia Romagna public bodies will actively participate to the project, strengthening its support and commitment. The region, thus, deems the competence centre a further powerful aggregation tool for the actors involved in the innovation and Smart Specialisazion Strategy.


Kids Christmas Party in SAMP


After the great success of last year, the Christmas party dedicated to the SAMP employees’ children has been carried out even this year.

Saturday, 1 December, the manufacturing plant of Bentivoglio (Bologna) was transformed into a magic Christmas village populated by gingerbread men, elves, magicians and of course the real Santa Claus.

All the 300 participants were pleasantly amazed by the surprises made for them during the event.

The youngest children had a great time with balloon animals,  face painting and photo sessions with Elsa, the main character of the Disney movie Frozen.

The oldest ones instead, actively participated to the Magician Brian magic show and to the cookies decoration workshop with sprinkles and chocolate.

The astonishing news of this year was the Grande Piano which attracted both parents and children.

The Grande Piano is a gigantic keyboard, six meters long, installed on the ground and played with feet by two talented artists. They played some of the most famous yesterday’s and today’s kids songs by dancing on the keyboard.

Young and old sang and clapped their hands in time to the music and they also tried to play the Grande Piano helped by the artists at the end of their music show.

Furthermore, parents were given the opportunity to attend a guided tour in the production area to let them increase the wide SAMP Group products range production cycle.

Of course, the snack was served: children were delighted by crèpes, gingerbread cookies, popcorn, candyfloss and fruit juices.

Finally, like any good Christmas party, in the magic of the evening, all children received a small present by SAMP that contributed to leave a sweet memory of this joyful event among children and obviously among their parents, the SAMP’s employees.

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Leonardo’s internship experience in SAMP SpA


My past student’s years in June were characterized by the end of school and the beginning of summer holidays. Instead, this year thanks to the programme alternanza scuola-lavoro (which is an equivalent to the UK “Young Apprenticeship Programme”) supported by my school, the “I.I.S. J.M. KEYNES”, I had the great opportunity to join SAMP SpA for 4 weeks as an intern.

I was very excited to start my internship period in this metal-mechanic company since it was a real-life working experience and my first approach to a job related to my studies. Indeed, my high school section focuses on marketing, communication and commercial studies and here in SAMP I carry out my internship in the Marketing & Communication Department.

Since the very first day, my new colleagues have warmly welcomed me to their group and allowed me to participate actively to many different work activities linked to both traditional and digital marketing tasks . Indeed, with their support, I have learned to do social media analysis and to read social network analytics. I’ve also translated some English technical articles to be posted on the company websites learning a lot of specific mechanical terms. Furthermore, I was happy to take part in several meetings for the trade fairs planning and in the realisation of a cutting tools professional shooting to be used for catalogues, advertising and graphics update.

Thanks to my office colleagues, with whom I have developed a close and friendly relationship, I have realized the importance of the teamwork and the need to carry out a job with commitment and precision.

The internship at SAMP SpA has been an intensely educational experience for me and I would sincerly recommend it to all my classmates and friends. Indeed, thanks to this internship you have the unique chance to put in practice everything you have learned at school from a theoretical point of view.

For all these reasons, I would be very glad to work within the SAMP Group in the future!


Arianna Donti has been awarded at the Chamber of Deputies


On Tuesday, May 29, young talented graduates from many Italian Universities have been rewarded with a Certificate of Merit.

The certificate has been conferred by Centro Studi Comunicare l’Impresa and Fondazione Italia USA which, being helped by an internal selection of the different Universities, have awarded the graduates with the best university curricola and marks.

Among these young worthy graduates, to whom we wish to bring their enthusiasm and skills to the Italian Companies, there is also our Marketing Support Arianna Donti who has received the important Certificate of Merit. Proud of this achievement, we have supported Arianna towards that important ceremony in such an important place like the Chamber of Deputies.

All our SAMP Group strongly believes in these young talented people and every year it invests in their inclusion in the labour market by projects like work-linked training, university stages and doctorates. Young people are not only our future but our present time too. SAMP programs aim to make young workers face lots of different working scenarios and real goals by strengthening their professional, technical and individual skills.

Arianna is the right example of how these programs can be successful: she entered the SAMP marketing department as a University Trainee and successfully ended her stage thanks to her hard working, curosity, passion and strenghtened technical skillsToday, she is part of our staff by supporting all the SAMP Group marketing projects with passion and dedication.

We congratulate on Arianna and wishes her a long lasting success in her SAMP marketing and communication activities!

SAMP becomes a Sponsor of the Unibo Motorsport


We are pleased to inform you we have officially become sponsor of the Unibo Motorsport, the University of Bologna’ s  Formula Student Team.

Born in 2009 thanks to the passion of a small group of engineering students, the Unibo Motorsport is today one of the best Formula Student Italian Teams signed up for the Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) world championship. This competition purpose is to design, manufacture and assemble a one-man car which will take part in the race and that will be evaluated not only for its race positioning but also for its engineering and economic features developed by the team. In the last few years, the Formula SAE has enlarged successfully to nearly all the continents by engaging a lot of sponsors and leading to the creation of more than 500 teams from all over the world. The grait passion and determination which has always characterized the Unibo Students, has allowed the team to become the first Italian Team to win a Formula SAE competition in 2014.

Our SAMP Group, which is always very careful to the activities promoted by the University of Bologna, has believed in the Unibo Motorsport ambitious project deciding to grant its technical and financial contribution to the car assembling and to the success of the championship by a multiannual sponsorship deal. In fact, we have always believed in the grait potential of young university students thanks to their creativity and innovation. This is the reason why we keep on helping them in their professional grouth ! In particular, our Samputensili Machine Tools society, specialized in the manufacture of innovative machine tools, will be responsible for the mechanical processing of several components essential for the car construction.

Eventually, we will be glad to update you on the competitions evolution and on eventual wins.

We are very proud of this new project and we wish a grait success to all the Unibo Motorsport Students’ Team !

Stay Tuned !

Work-linked training: that is why it is important.

work-linked training

Last week we were very glad to take part in the final presentation of the work-linked training project organized together with UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE and Istituto Salesiano Beata Vergine di San Luca in Bologna.

UCIMU – SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Association of Machine Tools Italian Builders, played a main role in giving birth to the project which released the programme “Boosting the Knowledge of the Best Italian Manufacturing Excellences in the School Approaches” after the entry into force of the law concerning the “Buona Scuola”.

The most important goals to fulfil – according to UCIMU by taking part in this project- are both to reinforce the link between school and the business word and to offer the students high and qualified educational opportunities in order to acquire practical skills to spend in the labour market.

Showing young people the opportunities offered by the machines tool sector is a great chance for them to have a first contact with the companies of their area in order to be included in the labour market, answering, in this way, the company growing need of qualified technicians.

Widening young people skills for a shared benefit is possible thanks to the creation of a link between companies and technical schools, exploiting  these work-linked training opportunities offered by the Education Ministry.

From this point of view, SAMP S.p.A. is always very careful and well disposed towards hosting young students to show them the company and making them increase their technical skills which are very useful to a prompt and satisfying access to the labour market. All the staff is immediately ready to welcome students establishing a reciprocal trusty relationship which is very useful to succeed in team working. In this way, apprentices, besides acquiring technical competences are able to detect their various interests and to achieve their full potential.

It is important to underline the Italian School key role in this educational experience that succeeds in joining theory and practice. This final presentation let us understand how the Istituto Salesiano in Bologna immediately realized the importance of the sinergy between school and several companies based in our territory. In particular, the teaching methods of this school succeed in satisfying the students’ educational needs and the companies’ demand for specialized technicians.

Once again, we want to thank UCIMU Association, the Istituto Salesiano and all the students and teachers who enthusiastically and determinedly contributed to the project success!