Sampsistemi Extrusion not only talks about revolutions per minute and linear speeds, but it first of all focus on the quality of the final product, on the most efficient process to reach it and on the desired productivity of a cable extrusion manufacturing line.

The ability to speak the same language stems from over 20 years of extrusion know-how, during which we have installed more than 500 cable and wire extruders all over the world, going from the insulation of micro-axial cables in the order of a few hundredths of a millimetre up to HV sheathed cables with a diameter above 200 mm and different insulating materials and processes.

Starting from the datacom field, we have worked in tandem with drawing and annealing machines in order to reach the maximum speed possible in producing a high-performance cable through physical foaming insulation with polyethylene (PE) and fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) with 2 layers (foam/skin) and 3 layers (skin/foam/ skin) plus striping.

Following the challenge of globalisation, we have entered the automotive business, where a reduced scrap rate during the colour change is of utmost importance. For this reason, Sampsistemi Extrusion has developed the automatic quick colour change system for “0-scrap”, which is currently used by many of our customers in different kinds of plants.

With the development of a large variety of compounds, we have launched a number of solutions dedicated to the vulcanization of insulated wires. Sampsistemi Extrusion has the ability to process both materials that cross-link through silanization and peroxide-based products.

Different technologies are available with the cross-linked PE (XLPE) obtained through silanization, according to customers’ applications and needs, just like volumetric dosing solutions and gravimetric dosing systems with liquid silane injection for the on-board cable extruder mixing. All of these solutions have been carefully engineered in order to supply customers with the right type of cable according to the most demanding market requests.