Many tailor-made solutions have been developed for peroxide cross-linking compounds (peroxide XLPE) with continuous vulcanization line (CV tube) and the highest speed available on the market. The Sampsistemi Chameleon is a prime example of it: our patented solution engineered for process changeover from striping to non-striping without any line stopping, therefore allowing customers to save money, raw materials and time.

However, the CV line is not the only solution Sampsistemi Extrusion has developed for insulation material curing. In order to deal with the increasing demand for natural and silicone rubbers, a number of plants with salt baths with and without pressure has been produced, thus guaranteeing production at the maximum speed allowed by the materials themselves.

Additionally, our decade long know-how in the processing of fluoropolymers has allowed us to also enter the field of high-temperature cables, where resins like X-ETFE (Cross-linked ethylene-tetrafl uoroethylene), FEP, PFA and PEEK are among the most demanded. We have therefore studied and engineered dedicated solutions to simplify their processing, without compromising the quality of the final product.

Also for sheathing lines, which were the pièce de résistance of the historical company De Angeli (bought by Sampsistemi back in 1997), we have developed innovative solutions, just like the heavy-duty portal PT 5000 for high-voltage cables, which has a maximum capacity of 5 m reels and 70 tons.


For each and every of the applications mentioned above, Sampsistemi Extrusion carefully designs and manufactures all machines, from the pay-off to the high-speed dual automatic take-up, from vertical and horizontal accumulators to capstans and caterpillars. In all of these, maximum quality is guaranteed by our attention to detail and the renowned made in Italy capacity to tailor solutions and services to suit all your needs.