Samputensili’s motto encapsulates exactly what it has to offer the world of gear machining: “Beyond precision”. In fact, both grinding machines and shaving machines produced by the company in Bologna allow high quality results to be obtained on different types of gears. Within the field of grinding, the company offers a series of high-performance solutions diversified by the characteristics, dimensions and type of machined workpieces. The G 250 is a grinding machine capable of working with gears of a maximum diameter of 250 mm and shafts with a length of up to 550 mm. In its HS (High Speed) version, the machine is equipped with a high performance spindle that is ideal for making the most of small diameter tools.

The G 250 HS is a machine designed for the finishing of gears – gearwheels and shafts – which, due to their structure, impose a limit on the diameter and shape of the tool, as well as on the parts that are more complex or difficult to reach (undrilled gear toothing) with medium or large diameter tools. This is because traditional grinding with a worm wheel is very efficient but requires relatively large tools (from 250 to 400 mm in diameter) that are difficult to use with these workpieces. True to Samputensili’s tradition, the name of the machine says a lot about its technical features. In the G 250 HS, the ‘G’ indicates the machining technology (grinding), while the numerical value (250) is the maximum diameter of the workpiece in millimetres. HS refers to the wheel spindle (High Speed), equipped with a high-performing motorisation (20,000 rpm), essential for better use of the wheels with the smallest diameters and to maintain the ideal cutting speed thanks to the high rpm. The G 250 HS comes from the already popular Samputensili platform, designed to perform gear grinding – both on gearwheels and on shafts – through the use of worm wheels and form wheels.