Last time, we introduced you to the importance of gear hobs for the gear and powertrain industry, as well as the relevance of a high quality resharpening process. In all our service centers, we participate from our vast experience to offer our customer reconditioned hobs without geometrical grinding errors. Besides several geometrical limitations, which are to be achieved during hob sharpening, the thermal influence on the tool must be managed as well. During every chip forming process, like grinding, heat occurs. This heat will be removed by the chips, the lubrication and through the workpiece itself.


gear hob resharpening

In the case of gear hob resharpening, a large amount of heat is introduced to the base material. If not controlled, this heat could damage the base material (High Speed Steel/MC90/Carbide). To avoid any damage on the cutting material, an advanced knowledge of the grinding process is required. Due to our experience our experts will choose the best combination of cutting speed, axial feed and stock removal during the resharpening process. The combination of heat and contact time between hob and grinding wheel are the major factors to manage this highly sensitive procedure.

Choosing an unsuitable combination of these factors, the heat induction to the hob could be too high and critical hob damage may occur. This damage due to an extensive heat influence could occur in microcracks along the hob teeth. A gear hob having microcracks is not able to run in any application anymore and will fail almost directly after the first hobbed part.


Due to the high expertise of Samputensili in gear hob resharpening, ideal fit process parameters were developed to regrind different kinds of hobs without having a risk of thermal damage on the tool. With this possibility we offer our customer tools (which were sharpened in our service centers) will reach the same performance like new ones.

At Samputensili service centers all reground tools are treated with the best fit process parameters to avoid material damages due to extensive heat induction. Our customers trust our capabilities and experiences of our tool reconditioning. In addition to the cutting face regrinding, the reconditioning process consists of several additional processes to ensure a high tool performance over the whole tool life. As a last step, the recoating is a major component to prepare any hob for its next use. Coating centers are directly located at each service center, so that unneeded transport times can be eliminated and that turnaround times for tools are reduced to an optimum. With this combination of knowledge and equipment, we will get your gear hob back to application sure and fast.

Samputensili gear hob resharpening