In the automotive industry the manufacturing of high-precision gears and transmission components is an element of crucial importance and in recent years an increasing demand for the performance requirements of automotive drivetrains has put a considerable pressure on gear manufacturers so, to meet this need, the generating and profile grinding machines have increasingly evolved over time.
The automotive industry is constantly searching for new solutions that ensure the greatest efficiency, low-maintenance, high reliability and the fastest possible production times in gear manufacturing. Nowadays gears are usually ground in order to ensure the highest possible quality, lower wear and lowest possible heat generation.

 The Samputensili G250 is a generating and profile grinding machine, designed for cylindrical gears with a maximum outside diameter of 250 mm and shafts with lengths up to 550 mm.

The machine has a number of strengths and advantages, the most important being probably its extraordinary flexibility. Indeed, the G250 generating and profile grinding machine has been especially developed for the automotive market, where thousands and thousands of identical gears are machined every day, sometimes over years. But the machine can be equally used by a job shop dealing with small and medium sized batches which constantly differ from one another.

In order to meet the greatest possible number of requests, the Samputensili engineers have focused on the axes stroke, on the elimination of fixed and moving obstacles in the work area, and on the possibility to equip the machine with different kind of tools. As a consequence, the G250 can also grind very small pieces that are generally difficult to machine. Traditional machines are much less flexible because of their shorter usable stroke and of the smaller range of tools that the machine can equip can be mounted on them. On the contrary, the tool spindle on the G250 can come incredibly close to the workpiece. The columns and the work table have been designed so that the center of the piece lies outside the structure, unlike other applications. For this reason this generating and profile grinding machine can grind an infinitely wide range of workpieces with tool diameter limitations.


As for the tools, the G250 can equally work with worm grinding wheels, best suited for the mass production of gears, and with single or form grinding wheels, particularly interesting for manufacturers of prototypes or in general for customers with smaller production batches. In the latter case, the final user does not need to purchase an expensive, special tool. He can make his own grinding wheel with the desired profile directly on the machine, thanks to the innovative Samputensili software developed by our engineers. The menu-guided operator interface with simulation capability is amazingly intuitive and user-friendly.