Our generating and profile grinding machine, the G 250 can also accommodate very small form grinding wheels. These are particularly useful not only in case of small gears, but also in the case of double and triple pinions with very small distances. In these cases the best solution is to use the smallest possible tool and this Samputensili grinding machine perfectly allows it. However, form grinding wheels also present a disadvantage: their cycle time is considerably higher when compared to worm grinding wheels. This is the reason why we have developed a special small worm wheel application for customers who need to grind this type of gears at a very high speed.

The G250 is based on the dual work spindle concept, which eliminates non-productive times almost completely (a must to have for a generating and profile grinding machine). By means of this feature, the loading / unloading process of a workpiece is carried out in masked time, while simultaneously the manufacturing process proceeds on another workpiece. In each cycle time tens of seconds are saved. This could seem almost ridiculous, especially when considering the time-consuming and sometimes very expensive efforts in terms of technology used to reach this goal. However, customers in the automotive industry are more than happy to invest something more if the installed generating and profile grinding machines ensures lower cycle times. After some hundreds of pieces, and even more so after thousands of them, a saving of 15 seconds becomes a very important and precious factor. Usually, before buying a machine, customers send our engineers a sample of their workpieces, specifying all the requested parameters and their annual production so that we can provide them with a complete service: from the study of the mechanical characteristics and of the cycle times up to the project of the manufacturing line.

Our Samputensili Application Engineer Alessandro Trambaioli explains: “Our experience has taught us that our new gear grinding machine offers a lot of competitive advantages over the traditional ones, last but not least the fact that the same number of pieces can be manufactured with a lower quantity of machines. Therefore, an initial somewhat bigger investment for the machine quickly turns into big savings! And, what is more, the grinding  machine is able to grind a higher number of pieces in a shorter time, so that also work in progress material stock material and lead time are reduced”. Only first-quality components of the biggest brands are installed on the G 250, as is the case for the axes drives, pneumatics, electric actuators, etc. When developing the machine, also ergonomics has been one of the top priorities. For example, the loading / unloading of the workpiece on the table is extremely simplified by the presence of a very limited step: in most cases the machine operator does not need to use auxiliary mechanical devices, which anyway can be easily linked to the machine in the case of very heavy workpieces. The large loading space avoids the risk of collisions during the loading and unloading operations.