The Sampsistemi Multiwire Drawing Line Platform, launched on the market in 2012, has been continuously developed, both with a constant improvement of existing products and with the development of new solutionsIn a competitive market like nowadays, wire manufacturers require an increase of product quality and production reliability; whereas production cost and scrap rate are to be reduced. Over the last few years, the outlet diameter range has become bigger, the number of requested wires has increased, the requested production speed has risen and there has been more demand for tin-plated and nickel-plated copper multiwire.

The Sampsistemi Drawing Machine Platform aims at:

  • Representing a flexible solution with a wide range of possible configurations to meet any customer requirements, e.g. drawing copper, aluminium and relative alloys;
  •  Increasing the line productivity by diminishing set-up times, reducing and simplifying maintenance operations, ensuring an easy accessibility on the machine spare parts;
  •  Reducing the production cost by increasing the energy efficiency of the of the process.

The DM Platform comprises five product segments, designed to meet customer requirements depending on their final application (automotive, building wire, white/brown goods, electronic wire etc.):

DM 60: up to 8 wires per row and 37 drafts, for ultrafine wire;

DM 80: up to 16 wires per row and 29 drafts, max. inlet wire 2.05 mm;

DM 105-80: up to 16 wires per row and 29 drafts, max. inlet wire 2.60 mm;

DM 105: up to 16 wires per row and 25 drafts, max. inlet wire 2.60 mm;

DM 105MM: up to 24 wires per row and 24 drafts, max. wire inlet 2.60 mm.

The DM Platform is based on the multi-motor technology, whose main advantages are: an improvement of the wire quality, a reduction of the wire stress and wire breakage, a decrease in the wear on pulling rings and guiding elements and a 10-15% energy saving compared to a traditional single-motor machines. In the DM 105 MM, in particular, each capstan is driven by a motor, therefore allowing the maximum flexibility. 


With the exception of the DM 105MM, all multi-wire machines of the DM Platform are based on the slip recovery technology by means of the splitting of gear transmission into two or more independent sections, with separate AC servomotors which are electronically synchronized. This allows slip recovery between each section and, at the inlet side of each section, a reduction of the maximum slip at the wire inlet of 10-12%. Power splitting also enables the use of compact AC servomotors with compact drives that allow a more precise regulation in the operation and high efficiency of transformation current in mechanical torque at drive end. The reduction of slipping and the improvement in the quality of gear transmission, bearings, seals, etc., have allowed a reduction in the energy consumption, consequently abating production costs. This concept is carried to the extremes by the DM 105MM, where each capstan is driven by a single motor. control motion system is used for the synchronization of all motors and the kinematic ratio between each section or axis is automatically set basing on the production recipe.

Die holders have spray jets on both the inlet and outlet cones to improve wire lubrication within the die, to reduce friction and to facilitate cleaning of the inlet/outlet cones themselves, thereby enhancing product quality and prolonging life span of the dies. There is also a spray for pulling rings to reduce the friction with the wire and a shower from the top used also during stringup operation. The final die and its lubrication is critical for the wire quality. The design of the lubrication circuit has been improved to obtain the maximum efficiency.