The in-line annealing is as important as wire drawing machine process, because it must ensure the required mechanical and electrical properties (elongation, mechanical strength, conductivity), maintain the diameter and roundness defined by the final die and, for metal plated wires, ensure the integrity of the wire coated surface. Wire quality surface, geometric and mechanical characteristics are also influenced by wire path and contact rings surface. In order to reach the best wire quality surface, zirconium oxide pulling rings have been adopted. To satisfy these technological requirements and customer requirements in terms of outlet wire diameter range and production capabilities, the Sampsistemi multiwire annealing platform includes a wide range of annealers which can easily be adapted to customer requirements.

The Annealing Multiwire AN platform includes single and multi-motor machines, suitable for the annealing of copper, copper-plated and aluminum wire. Several technical features, such as adjustable pre-heating length, a wire walker before contact rings, cleaning device on contact rings, improved cooling and drying system have been developed.

The Multi-motor Annealer Platform is able to set up production parameters, in particular the kinematic ratio between each axis, to form a production recipe stored in the HMI panel.

The AN Platform is rounded out by the Annealing Control Equipment, available in two different technologies, traditional and electronic. The Electronic Annealing Equipment represents an important development by Sampsistemi, since it meets the high quality standards necessary in the production of coated wire, the requested cost reduction in manufacturing as well as the energy efficiency required by our customers today.

At a glance:

  • Extremely fl exible solutions with a wide range of possible confi gurations de pending on the customer’s requirements
  • Multi-motor technology with intermediate slip recovery for energy saving and better wire quality
  • User-friendly design and full access to the work area for easy string-up
  • High-speed drawing (up to 40 m/sec)
  • Helical gears
  • No soundproof cabinet needed
  • Easy installation
  •  Optimised energy consumption and production processes
  • Wide range of annealers with annealing current from 500 to 7000 A
  • Wide range of dynamic (manual and automatic) and static spooling systems
  • Profinet interconnection: less cabling required