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The SAMP Group with its four independent companies: Sampsistemi, Sampingranaggi, Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili Cutting Tools is a solid reality in the mechanical engineering industry. We are among the market leaders in the wire and cable machine production, in the manufacturing of gears and gearboxes, in cutting tools and in gear grinding and shaving machines.

The SAMP Group is part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group which has been operating in the industrial production sector in many different business sectors from the mechanical engineering to the tobacco industry including sugar and civil engineering.

In 1936 Gaetano Maccaferri started out with a small workshop for the production of wire machinery. He called his company S.A.M.P., which translates from the Italian as “Company for Precision Metalworking”. Since it was difficult to find good quality gears on the market at that time, he started manufacturing his own.

During the Second World War SAMP supplied the Italian air-force with precision gears, but the demanding quality requirements forced the Company to produce his own high-precision tools.

For the same reason he was later to start developing his own tool grinding machinery and checking instruments, manufacturing equipment that set the standard at those times.

With a wide range of quality tools on board by 1949, SAMP decided to establish Samputensili, an ad hoc structure and trademark through which to trade these products, and, in the years that followed, this new company was to grow into a supplier of gear cutting tools at worldwide level.

The second division of SAMP, Sampingranaggi, came into being in 1973, extending the company’s gear production programme to include bevel gear sets and high precision speed reducers. Before long

Sampingranaggi was therefore able to supply both single components and finished speed reducers.

In 1997 SAMP’s wire drawing machinery division took the name of Sampsistemi and, thanks to the acquisition of competing companies, it broadened its programme to include extrusion equipment for the manufacture of finished cables.

In 2002 Samputensili and Star Cutter Inc. joined forces forming Star SU LLC in North America, strengthening the market with also the acquisition of the Fellows Gear Shaper Cutter Division.

In 2006 the divisions Sampingranaggi, Samputensili and Sampsistemi, even maintaining their identities, have merged into a single company: SAMP S.p.A. In 2009 all the Italian production merged into the new plant in Bentivoglio (Bo), making it the worldwide technology centre of the group. The following years are marked by the technologic and innovative development and product consolidation.

Moreover, these years have seen a progressive expansion and strengthening of the foreign markets thanks to strategic joint ventures and acquisitions. In this scenario, in 2012 Sampsistemi and Sampingranaggi inaugurated a new plant in Shanghai boosting their presence in the East markets. Likewise, in 2014 Star SU LLC strengthened its forces with the enlargement of the market including Latin America and China through the establishment of Star-SU do Brasil and the following with Star-SU China.

The 2016 marks a milestone in the SAMP history. In fact from January 1, 2016, the SAMP Group have a new organizational structure featuring four market-leading companies, which will operate independently in their relevant sectors:

This year has seen also several strategic acquisition for Sampsistemi Srl such as Cortinovis do Brasil and Euro Extrusion.

Creating lasting success through innovative solutions is at the heart of what we do at SAMP. Requiring unmatched output or the strictest of tolerances, our customers’ applications may range from large mass production to the smallest of prototyping jobs.

Not only do we strive to offer solutions that enable our customers to maintain a leading position in their own sectors, but we fi rmly believe in upholding those values which are of actual value to customers. Speed, fl exibility, precision, effi ciency, reliability and ecology are all fundamental to good business practice.

At SAMP we explore and exploit all opportunities that the market offers to your advantage; we consider precision a standard and not an option; we work to optimise your costs per workpiece or ton, keeping performance in mind at all times; and we research and develop to help you manufacture in a clean and profitable manner.

From task to solution, creating value for you, at all times!

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Executive profile

The management of SAMP is made up of a strong team, thanks to the combination of experienced directors and high-skilled professionals specialized in their own field. In this way it is possible to manage a truly global company.

SAMP Maccaferri Antonio

Antonio Maccaferri
President of the SAMP Group
and Vice-Chairman S.E.C.I. S.p.A
Joined the SAMP Group in 1987

Lapo Vivarelli Colonna SAMP

Lapo Vivarelli Colonna
Joined the SAMP Group in 2011