Contamination Lab UnivPM visits SAMP

Contamination Lab and SAMP

On 25th May, 2016 a delegation of students members of the Contamination Lab of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, UnivPM, visited our plant in Bentivoglio (BO), Italy. The group was composed of students of different degrees (Bachelor, Master and Phd) and coming from different faculties, including medicine, history, economics and engineering. The contamination Lab is a project run by the UnivPM aiming to promote entrepreneurship among students of different subjects and between the academic and the socio-economic environment. Through this program, students (both graduate and undergraduate) live in a challenging environment, meet skilled managers, see different realities and approaches. These interdisciplinary experiences help them develop innovative projects by expanding their views.

Inside this frame, we had the pleasure to spend one afternoon with these students, showing them the complex and challenging reality of the SAMP Group. Massimo Maccaferri, president of the Maccaferri Industrial Group and Eridania, welcomed the students briefing them about the Maccaferri Industrial Group and its core businesses. Thereafter, the project managers of the four companies (Sampsistemi, Samputensili Machine Tools, Samputensili Cutting Tools and Sampingranaggi), Giorgio Puggioli, Enrico Conte, Carlo Iurisci and Alessandro Trambaioli, presented the business sectors, applications and solutions of each company and guided the students through an interesting plant tour.  

SAMP believes in the importance of contamination and entrepreneurship and in a tight relation between the academic and business world since early stages. We take this opportunity to thank all students for their time and the interest shown in our company and wish them a wonderful future career in any sector they are going to pursue.

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