New SAMP Welfare Project


The need for a work-life balance has grown in recent years, as SAMP Group, we are glad to announce the new Welfare Project to which all the employees of the Italian branches will be able to benefit.

The SAMP Welfare Project, which will enter in force starting from July 2019, will offer to our Italian employees a flexible benefit set. The benefits included are both those foreseen by the CCNL for the Italian Mechanical Agreement and the those of the SAMP Internal Agreement signed on June 2018.

An ad hoc digital platform has been developed in order to make easier access and quicker the management of the benefits by employees.  Inside this platform, employees will find a broad range of goods and services that include all possibilities granted by the Italian Tax Legislation: from reimbursement of educational expenses to those of health costs, up to travel, gyms and much more.

Each worker will be able to create its own basket, choosing from time to time the services and goods according to its needs, up to the exhaustion of the credit.

At the same time, SAMP has also decided to activate a discount platform that represents the first step of a wider work-life balance program. Starting from the coming months our company will implement a series of initiatives with the aim of improving the life-work relationship of its employees.

During the past weeks, all workers have been trained on the platform touching closely the range of advantages that they will benefit stating form summer 2019.

The SAMP Group believes the adoption of initiatives on this scale is a valuable step forward a 360° company life approach from every single employee.