Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure

SAMP Profile

The SAMP Group is a holding part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group. It is composed by four independent companies owned 100% by the holding SAMP which share the administrative, financial, marketing and HR departments.

  • Sampsistemi Srl the oldest company of the SAMP Group offers innovative solutions for the manufacturing of wires and communication cables as well as low, medium and high-voltage power cables.
  • Sampingranaggi Srl manufactures high-quality gears and complete transmissions for a variety of industrial applications.
  • Samputensili Machine Tools Srl is the reference supplier for grinding, shaving and chamfering machines for cylindrical gears, rotors and screw-type workpieces.
  • Samputensili Cutting Tools Srl manufactures a wide range of gear cutting tools including new scudding tools.

They all share also the same HQ plant in Bentivoglio (BO), Italy. Our approach to Corporate Governance is built upon solid principles and values set by the Board for our management and employees. Our Board is also responsible of the long-term strategy and oversight also including oversea management and long-term performance, financial review and audit process ensuring risk oversight and compliance. Through innovation and engineering, we support our clients in many different industry from automotive to mining including renewable energy, communication, aerospace and jobshops.

More than 800 employees work daily on contributing to the client’s success in the five continents. Our employees are the core of our achievements and strategy and are driven by our corporate strategy which contribute to its implementation. 

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