SAMP Group Online Training

SAMP Group Online Training

Unfortunately, as we all know, the pandemic caused by the now well-known Covid-19 has forced most of the Italian companies to an unavoidable stop period in order to protect their employees’ health.

Even though many company activities still have been carried out thanks to the smart working, our SAMP Group has decided to activate several online training courses for its employees.

Of course, to guarantee equal opportunities for all and then embracing the widest possible number of employees, the courses have been organized in order to allow everyone join them, even the ones who do not have corporate computer equipment.

Aware that some of the employees are completely lacking in computer equipment, the SAMP Group is already planning to give the lessons physically in our plant. In fact, when all the employees are all back to their place of work, these courses will be held in our meeting rooms not to leave anyone behind and to guarantee everyone the same training path.

At the moment, the running courses embrace various topics to meet the different employees training needs depending on the company they belong to.

The two main courses active in these days are the one on “Discipline of the Employment Relationship” dedicated to all the SAMP Group employees and the more technical one “Master Samputensili on the Machining of Gear Teeth” dedicated to the Samputensili Cutting Tools and Sampingranaggi employees.

The first one has been so far attended by 33 employees for a total of 100 training hours carried out and the second one has been so far attended by 24 employees for a total of 240 training hours carried out.

We are glad to say this initiative has been positively welcomed by our employees who are enthusiastically attending the courses since the very beginning.

This is the reason why we have decided to keep the training courses active even when there will finally be a return to normality, and we’ll return to a regular company attendance.